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Auctions for WooCommerce

by ResellPremium in on December 23, 2022

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Auctions for WooCommerce is professional auction plugin that extends your WooCommerce store with a new custom product type: auction. Auction items with normal, reverse, silent, or proxy auctions. And you can use Auctions in conjunction with the Product Vendors plugin to create an eBay-style site where users can auction off their own items.

Auctions for WooCommerce is customizable via templates and supports hooks, translations, and WPML. It also includes auction-specific features like anti-sniping, variable bid increments, live ajax bid refreshing, and live bid browser notifications, different types of sorting.

Completely integrated with WooCommerce.
Supports auction types: normal, reverse, silent, and proxy.
Lets you specify the starting bid, bid increments, the reserve price, the “buy it now” price,  auction start and end times, and the item condition.
An anti-sniping (soft close) feature extends an auction’s duration for a predetermined number of seconds if a last-minute bid is placed.
Variable Bid Increment (example $10 for current bid $50, $15 for current bid $100) or by percentage of current bid
Elementor support (from version 2.0).
Bidders can add auctions to a watchlist and see all auctions they’re participating on a My Auctions page.
You decide whether to display auctions alongside regular products or on auction-only page, and whether to show completed and upcoming auctions.
Includes widgets for ending soon, future, recent / latest, featured, recently viewed auctions, My Auctions, random auctions, auction search, and My Auction watchlist.
Sends automated email notifications — with editable email templates — when a customer is outbid, an auction is ending soon, a customer wins an auction, and many more.
Displays browser notifications when a bid is placed, a new auction is starting, and an auction closes.
Includes badges for auction products and for winning an auction (shown to winning bidder only).
Gives each customer a “My Auctions” page with a list of auctions in which user has placed a bid (both active and won auctions).
Lets customers sort by current bid, date, buy now price, activity, ending date, start date, or auction activity.
Includes ajax live current bid and auction history updating.
Lets you choose from a compact or extended countdown format.
Adds administrator features to wp-admin, including:
Filter auctions in the WooCommerce product list by status (active, finished, failed).
Icons to describe different auction statuses: active, finished, finished and paid, failed.
Ability to create an auction from any type of WooCommerce product – simple, virtual or downloadable.
Ability to manually delete any bid, and to manually or automatically re-list auctions.
WPML compatible (note: does not support multiple currencies).

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  • Released

    December 23, 2022

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    December 29, 2022

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    WordPress 6.0

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