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by ResellPremium in on May 11, 2021

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Brikk – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme:

Brikk is a listing and directory theme suitable for any business like booking, restaurants, places, events, jobs listings, classified ads, reservations, rental, hourly booking, experiences, and more. It will help you manage and monetize any listing & directory site!

The modular framework includes a flexible drag & drop UI that allows you to adapt any elements like listing fields, custom taxonomies, page layouts, search forms, review criteria, submission forms, action types, and more.


  1. Elementor compatibility
  2. Unlimited listing types. Create different listing types for different groups
  3. One-click demo import. You don’t need to start from scratch, use the demo importer and save time.
  4. Earn money. We know how important is to monetize your business. Currently, there are 3 built-in earning methods:
    • Promoted listings – users will be able to boost their listings for a certain time period.
    • Listing plans ( Recurring payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions ) – create different package plans for your visitors to enable listing submissions with extended features. Free plans are also supported
    • Frees – collect a certain amount from your customer’s earnings
  5. Buildable listing front-end submission form – use the modular framework to build your own submission forms. Group the fields under separate sections ( steps ) for the outstanding submission process
  6. Buildable listing fields – for each listing type you can have only the input that your business required. Then you can choose which fields to display in the single pages and/or listing box.
  7. Buildable listing single page – you can use the modular framework again to customize the single-page layout. Choose between the custom fields you created and build awesome content
  8. Buildable listing search forms and filters – you can even have control over the listing filter fields, which makes this tool so powerful
  9. Buildable listing autocomplete results – set your own autocomplete criteria, and choose what results to return
  10. Buildable listing categories/taxonomies/custom taxonomies – each listing group requires different categories, like amenities, colors, tags, regions. You can now create your own categories and attach them to specific listing types
  11. Listing multiple actions. The listing action specifies what action can users take over the listing group. Here are the available actions:
    • Purchase button
    • Daily Booking
    • Hourly Booking
    • Appointments reservation system
    • Follow Button
    • Send application
    • Send message
    • Location
    • Claim a Listing for free or fee
    • Open Hours – 24 / 12 hours format support
    • Send Report
  12. Integration with Zoom or other communication platforms through webhooks. Also supports WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Orbits, Intrado, ON24, Bizzabo, Hopin, and more.
  13. Daily bookings: single day selection
  14. Appointment bookings: date ranges
  15. Appointment bookings: recurring dates
  16. Appointment bookings: set limits per appointment
  17. Drag & Drop modular UI. Simple, but powerful modular user interface
  18. Strong and reliable modular framework
  19. Direct user messaging system – your visitors will be able to send instant messages to other users with the awesome chat-like messaging system
  20. User notifications and alerts – automatic notifications will be sent for important events like listing expiration, new booking entry, new user messages, and more
  21. Dashboard & charts – in the user dashboard, the visitors will be able to administrate their content, listings, profile information, withdrawals, messages, reports, and more. Split for 2 user roles: customer & business
  22. Sign in: option to select the user role
  23. User wallet and withdrawals – your user can collect earnings and request payouts using the bank transfer or PayPal.
  24. Dynamic pricing
    • Seasonal pricing
    • Long term pricing > 7+, 30+ days
    • Security deposit
    • Extra pricing > like cleaning fee
    • Addon pricing > like airport pick
    • Guest based pricing
    • Service fee
    • Host fee
  25. Payment processing types
    • Process full payment
    • Process percentage payment
    • Process only security deposit
    • Process only service fee
    • Process full payment locally
  26. All payments in the theme are being handled by WooCommerce
  27. Allow min/max guest selection
  28. Advanced notification system – system emails ( to user and admin ), in-site notifications, webhooks ( pre-defined fields + custom meta fields )
  29. Webhook integration with 3rd party tools like Zapier
  30. Booking calendar – User dashboard booking calendar that allows you to disable/enable dates
  31. Geolocation search, that is using the map bounds ( not radius )
  32. Geolocation feature – search as I move the map
  33. Geolocation restrict by country
  34. iCalendar – 2-way synchronization
  35. Instant bookings / pending approval bookings / Booking cancellation
  36. Social login – build-in social logins through Facebook and Google
  37. Json-id schema
  38. Dark mode layouts
  39. Header layouts
  40. Child theme includes
  41. Buildable listing reviews – create custom criteria for reviews
  42. Review image upload – the reviews also support ajax image upload
  43. Translatable. 1 language is currently supported
  44. Ajaxified exploration page fully compatible with Google Maps
  45. Ajax file uploader
  46. Related listings
  47. Nearby listings – by using the listing locations, users can see nearby listings within a certain radius
  48. Option to open listings in a new tab
  49. New explore page layout: 3 column listings
  50. Manage user earnings
  51. Fully responsive layout – this theme is 100% compatible with any mobile device
  52. Fast and reliable support – we are here for any questions you may have
  53. Performance optimized – we worked very hard for almost 2 years on this project, our main priority was to get the best possible performance
  54. SEO optimized
  55. Option to import custom icons using the IcoMoon App
  56. Extensive documentation and user guide
  57. Clean code, made for developers, easy extendable.

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    May 11, 2021

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    December 12, 2022

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    WordPress 6.0

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