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by ResellPremium in on October 1, 2021

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Divi Rocket:

Divi Rocket was built from the ground up and fine-tuned specifically for speeding up the Divi Theme and has a number of features not available in any other caching plugin on the market. Since Divi Rocket was built specifically for Divi, we have optimized the user interface to be as easy to use and intuitive as the Divi theme itself. Divi Rocket’s robust set of speed-enhancing features include: Divi-aware server-side caching, Divi section controlled lazy loading, browser caching, database optimization, GZip compression, and more coming soon!

Divi is a robust, full-featured page builder that has forever changed the way that we build websites for the better. While we don’t believe a properly built Divi website is necessarily bloated, it will definitely take a bit longer to load than less complex WordPress. Enter Divi Rocket. With revolutionary speed-enhancing features like Divi-Aware caching and Divi section controlled lazy loading, you can have a Divi website that is not only beautiful to look at, but also fast and efficient for your users!

It is a well-known fact that nowadays (According to Google) that page load speed does indeed affect SEO rank. A faster website can lead to your website appearing in more searches, resulting in more traffic and more potential customers and sales. So now that potential customers have found your website, what good is it to them if it takes forever to load? Statistics show that there is over a 50% higher bounce rate on websites that take 6 seconds to load versus 3 seconds to load and shaving even milliseconds off your Divi website’s load time will result in increased engagement and conversions (more sales!)


  1. Browser Caching
  2. Divi Aware Server Side Caching
  3. Disable Caching
  4. Database Optimisation
  5. Gzip Compression
  6. System Specification Analysis
  7. Lazy Loading
  8. Minify and Combine JS and CSS
  9. CDN

*We do not provide a license key, but you can use all the modules directly via the Divi Builder.

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Release Information

  • Released

    October 1, 2021

  • Last Updated

    September 20, 2022

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  • Compatible With

    WordPress 6.0

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