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by ResellPremium in on October 8, 2015

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Easy Digital Downloads Featured Downloads:

The Easy Digital Downloads Featured Downloads extension aims at developers/clients who need to show a list of featured downloads.

The extension:

  • The extension provides a template tag so finely-tuned placement of featured downloads in your theme is possible.
  • Provides a shortcode which will simply list all the featured downloads, without the need to enter any IDs.
  • Provides a simple interface for managing featured downloads in the WordPress admin. A “feature download” checkbox is shown at each download edit/publish screen. You can see it at the quick edit boxes too. At a glance, you’ll also be able to see which downloads have been featured on your website from the main download listing.

In true EDD fashion, hooks are there for developers to fine-tune the HTML if needed.

Release Information

  • Released

    October 8, 2015

  • Last Updated

    November 18, 2022

  • File Included


  • Compatible With

    WordPress 6.0

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