WooCommerce Bundled Products

by ResellPremium in on October 2, 2015

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WooCommerce Bundled Products:

WooCommerce Bundled Products help you increase the customer’s average cart value by giving the customer an option to buy more products in a bundle and save on the price. Whether it’s the latest outfit, a retro bedroom, or a flower bed; you can use the WooCommerce Bundled Products plugin to make it easy for your customers to add items to their cart all from a single product page.

Bundle Multiple Products

The plugin lets you bundle multiple products onto a single page. You can add any number of products on a single page for the customer to buy!

Multiple Buying Options

The plugin lets you configure the products in such a way that your customers can add all the products shown on the page in the cart at once or add them as per their needs one by one. Now isn’t that easy?

Multiple Display Options

The plugin will let you choose to display the bundled product price as a range, combined price, or a custom price.

Multiple Product Types

The plugin lets you add products of multiple types to the bundle. The products can be simple products, variable products, or anything else you can configure!

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    October 2, 2015

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    November 18, 2022

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    WordPress 6.0

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