WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

by ResellPremium in on June 3, 2019

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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator:

WooCommerce has been ideal for selling physical products. But many times your physical product may have different pricing criteria. If you are selling a single product, WooCommerce on its works for you. But suppose if you are selling products that have different sizes, you wonder how WooCommerce will handle it?

A carpet should cost according to its size. Like a 4X6 will have a different price and 8X12 will have a different one. You can’t force a customer to visit different sections of your website, for various sizes.

Now you have a very powerful tool to solve this issue. Measurement Price Calculator will now let you fix up the price of your product as per their dimensions like weight, volume, square footage. If you are selling products with pricing based on their size, you will be required to sell fixed quantities of the same product. Measurement Price Calculator will help you in achieving this.

Using this extension, you will be able to fix up the whole dimension of a single quantity as well as numbers in a box on the back end. To meet the required dimensions, the customer will see how many boxes they should purchase. At the same time, they will be able to see the total price they will have to pay for the entire purchase.

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