WooCommerce Memberships

by ResellPremium in on November 11, 2015

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WooCommerce Memberships:

WooCommerce Subscription is a great product for WooCommerce users like you. WooCommerce Subscriptions handles recurring payments very well. But WooCommerce Subscription does not let you control the viewership of the website’s content. If you need to create a store with restricted viewership, you will need a Membership plugin. If you will use Groups by itching and WooCommerce Subscriptions, you will be able to control who can see what content at a limited level.

Memberships Extension – WooCommerce lets you have full control over the visibility of content on your website. You can create various Membership Levels with this extension. It will help you restrict content to be shown to your customers. It will also help you control, which product can be seen by which customer on your website. It will also help you in deciding which membership level has access to which products. It will also help you sell memberships at different prices to your customers.

You can also use the extension features on the remainder of your website like custom post types, blog posts, etc. The extension also comes with a drip function. You can also provide your customers with various discounts and membership upgrades. Another advantage of Memberships Extension – WooCommerce is that it is more powerful when you use it with WooCommerce Subscriptions Extension.

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