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by ResellPremium in on September 10, 2021

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WPMU DEV Ad Sharing WordPress Plugin:

The WPMU DEV Ad Sharing WordPress Plugin helps you split and share advertising revenue with your Multisite network users using any combination of advertisers.

Features of Ad Sharing Plugin:

  • Automate ad sharing
  • Offer ad revenue to your users
  • Display ads before and after content
  • Choose the revenue split you would like to make
  • WordPress and Multisite ready
  • Boost profits with ad sharing

Ad Sharing makes it easy to split revenue in a fair way based on the number of impressions on users’ blogs.

The plugin keeps track of all the numbers for you, splitting revenue based on your selections.

Add this as a new feature to monetize your network and encourage your users to start generating more income for you–and for themselves.

Advantages of Ad Sharing

You’ve put in the hard work to get your network up and running so why not make some money?

  • Fair, equitable and very attractive way to share ad revenue
  • No need to touch the code or alter template files to insert ad codes
  • Use any advertising partners you want – AdSense, context ads, etc.
  • Sharing revenue motivates your users to promote your site

Ad Sharing is Easy to Use

You don’t need to edit theme files. Simply install and activate the plugin and choose:

  • To display ads before and/or after your content
  • Impressions split you would like to make with your users
  • Code you would like displayed

Users can then enter their own advertising code and if they choose not to then you get 100% of the revenue.

Release Information

  • Released

    September 10, 2021

  • Last Updated

    September 21, 2022

  • File Included


  • Compatible With

    WordPress 6.0

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