WPMU DEV Beehive Pro

by ResellPremium in on June 27, 2016

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WPMU DEV Beehive Pro:

Customizable Google Analytics dashboards and reports for WordPress. Turn on the full power of site analytics. With WPMU DEV Beehive Pro, you can quickly and easily add Google Analytics statistics, graphs, and user metrics to your sites!

Easy GA Connect Wizard

Beehive Pro’s connect wizard is as simple as syncing your Google Analytics account and selecting your site’s tracking code.

Google Tag Manager

Track and manage your GTM tags using Beehive’s Tag Manager interface. Add and update Google Ads, Analytics, and more.

Custom Stats Dashboard

Quickly analyze your sites from the pre-configured Beehive Pro dashboard, complete with intuitive graphs, maps, and charts.

Track Multisite Analytics

Track your entire network and sites. Set which user roles can access analytics and allow admins to customize their site configs.

User Roles and Permissions

Control which reports are made available to your users. Limit capabilities and which user types have access to specific information.


  • Quick and easy Google Analytics connection
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • Customize data and dashboards to suit
  • Multisite analytics reports
  • Monitor posts, pages, and referring links
  • Track personal data and comply with GDPR

Release Information

  • Released

    June 27, 2016

  • Last Updated

    November 16, 2022

  • File Included


  • Compatible With

    WordPress 6.0

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