YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

by ResellPremium in on October 30, 2017

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YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes (Premium Plugin):

WooCommerce is as such very simple to use and operate. But as your online store grows, you start feeling the pain of complexity it brings. If you simply see the process, once your customer purchases, shipping and delivery and confirmation of received goods are the main part of it. Shipping, packing, and labeling is the most cumbersome and time-consuming part of any online store.

We have been putting our efforts in these areas and bring some innovation and automation so that I can be made simple in any way. This is one of our first steps in achieving this. YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Extension will bring the functionality of Barcodes and QR codes to your WooCommerce store. This will generate codes for each product and each order.

You can simply stick these labels on your packing and with help of cheap barcode reader simply give automated information to your WooCommerce that you have shipped the order. You will need a barcode printer and a barcode reader. Both of them are very cheap now but will simply save a lot of your time and energy.

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    October 30, 2017

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    November 7, 2022

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    WordPress 6.0

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